Paper, Paper and More Paper

I have very, very few drawings from my youth. The oldest is from when I was nine, and it does not scream Art Prodigy.

My children, on the other hand, have collections rivaling the Hermitage. Not in quality, but in volume. Every day, new stacks of paper appear on the dining room table and the kitchen counters. And let’s not forget the mass that grows steadily in the playroom.

And God forbid I throw any of it away. Somehow, nobody buys the line, “Landfills need culture too.” So, unless my young artistes deign to contribute their work to the National Self Esteem Museum (whose galleries will cover the entire state of Utah), I am at a loss for what to do with all these precious works. That is, after the attic is filled and I can no longer rationalize it as insulation.

3 thoughts on “Paper, Paper and More Paper

  1. I fill up a box of those art projects and then when it gets full I film them with my iphone and post it on youtube. I call it the Memory Box. I’ve got about seven episodes already. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away either until I thought of video archiving them. I do save one or two exceptional works that will sit in a box for twenty years, but I throw all the rest out now. What about homework? I don’t bother even filming that.

  2. I select some exceptional ones and toss the others. Since the age of reason (which has not yet occured) I let them save what they want… but they have to get it off the floor and out of the living room…

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