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    • That’s the good news, Bob. Not only are they wearing it, they are often wearing more than one pair. True story. I saw a guy just the other day wearing two pair of undies under his droopy pants. The first pair was worn conventionally, the second was over them and positioned down where baggy pants were maybe five years ago. And, finally, his pants hung from where you or I might find our inseam.

      The only way I could figure them staying up was if they were all stitched together. Then when he put them on they all telescoped out, one from the other, sort of like those old collapsible cups. Mercifully he did not do what many droopy drawers wearers do. He did not have a belt. I often wonder if it is merely an ironic touch when someone with pants down to his knees is wearing a belt. Fashion is entitled to be ridiculous, but belts are built for a purpose. And applying them in a fashion so contrary to their purpose appears so clueless as to be tacky.

    • O.K. Pat, Ha, Ha it is my FIRST DAY of vacation! I left all my special middle schoolers on to summer and the great beyond! As a teacher (?) of my special kids, I am the one yelling “pull up your pants. Do not want to see your underwear!” “But MS. G. they are sponge bob underwear!”. “O.K. We all saw your underwear, NOW PULL UP YOUR PANTS!” GIGGLING hysterically, some do and some don’t! (my kids are special,but in the 7th and 8th grade) you have to be special to teach special kids i.e. huge sense of humor and the ridiculous. As they were hugging and sobbing, (off to the high school next year), I was cheering them madly along. Yes I will miss them

  1. As ridiculous a trend as it is, I think it is important that I draw your attention to some fashion history, seriously:
    It was 1990 when I started hanging out with skate punks, and letting my own drawers droop, so I could fit in with the in crowd. I also made the switch from briefs to boxers, because–well, everyone could see–they were cooler than tighty whities.
    I don’t know how long the cool kids had been wearing their pants low by the time I caught on, but the style never dropped off. I finally married a woman who insisted that I looked hotter in tight pants than bags (and who would ignore an assessment like that?), but I’ve watched in awe this race to the “bottom”(?) with saggier and draggier pants plodding on and on, even in the rough neighborhoods where the ability to run unhindered would seem imperative.
    That’s at least 22 years for a single fashion trend. Kids wearing their pants low today would be like kids wearing bell bottoms in 1999.
    How long did men go in powered wigs? I think saggy drawers might be competing for the record of fashion trend with greatest longevity.

  2. Unfortunately this fasion trend comes from an awful and sick atmoshere. We teachers wonder what the kids would think if they knew where this “fashion trend” came from. Celebs showing bra straps are very different from inmates showing their submissiveness.

    • Also belts are not usually allowed in prison. My husband was arrested (the first time) for too many parking violations in downtown chicago, Early A.M on a work day. the police pulled him over, took him to the police station, took his belt and shoelaces so he wouldnt hang himself (standard procedure). Alas, his one call was to me, a very pregnant vomiting wife late to work. I did not parole him. I hung up on him when he asked politely for some money. The officers were laughing so hard they released him without bail.

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