Boycott St. Patty’s Day This Weekend!

But feel free to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. Paddy is the proper diminutive for Patrick. Patty is short for Patricia. How is this relevant to Captain Dad stuff? Well, it is my namesake. More importantly, however, I believe it is something we need to teach our children. Especially the ones who end up going into marketing and may one day make the insulting mistake of printing up signs that say “St. Patty’s Day.”

Oh, and nothing against St. Patricia. She was a great saint. And I am perfectly fine with you all celebrating her feast day — on August 25.thanks-paddy

2 thoughts on “Boycott St. Patty’s Day This Weekend!

  1. Personally, I always liked the old Irish spelling of the name–Padraig.

    I will NOT be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by: marching in the local St. Patrick’s Day parade (it’s too damn cold), getting drunk in a local faux-Irish pub on weak American beer (dyed GREEN, for God’s sake), eating corned-beef-and-cabbage (which tastes horrible and is not even Irish) or listening to some 90-year-old whiskey tenor wheezing his way through “Danny Boy” (and cheating on the high notes).

    I WILL celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by: lectoring at Mass in the morning, making a pot of Irish stew, baking a loaf of Irish soda bread, listening to REAL Irish music by Clairseach or the Chieftains (or maybe even the Dropkick Murphys), reciting Irish poetry by William Butler Yeats and Patrick Kavanagh and Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, and watching the films “The Quiet Man” and “Waking Ned Devine.”

    And a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, fellow Domer and fellow Irish-American!

    • Thank you, but I do confess a weakness for “Danny Boy,” even by a wheezing old whiskey tenor. In fact, especially by a wheezing old whiskey tenor. But I’m with you on the green beer. ‘Tis a crime against God and humanity, ’tis, ’tis.

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