The Girls and a Country Song

Confession time. I’m a country music fan. (If you still say “and Western,” please give my regards to 1980.) The music, at its best, actually says something. And in recent years it had gotten pretty good. For a while.

I also liked that it had a tradition of being family friendly, which is important when driving with two impressionable minds in the back seat.

But it seems that the high riding of country in an otherwise tanking music economy went to the heads of a few people, and the same frat boy mentality you saw take over Wall Street infected a once more gentlemanly world.

So, in the last year or so, I have had to have my finger hovering over the button to change stations in a blink. Otherwise I’d have to answer questions about “Daisy Dukes,” “painted on jeans,” “shaking your moneymaker” and other, much more objectifying portrayals of women.

Meanwhile, two other young girls, barely ten years older than mine, seem to have noticed the same thing. And they had the talent to express themselves. Maddie and Tae, a couple of 18-year-old singers, now have a hit called “Girl in a Country Song,” which deliciously skewers what has come to be called Bro Country. I cheered when I heard their song.

The Girl in a Country Song

But what is flabbergasting to me is that one bro country band actually had the stupidity to criticize them. One band member charged, “I don’t know one girl who doesn’t want to be a girl in a country song.” Of course, if you saw the man, you’d understand. He doesn’t look the sort who would be allowed to call on the likes of my own daughters. Or any self-respecting man’s daughter.

No, they’d face the dad Rodney Atkins so well described in a song when my girls were just a little bit younger. And country was awesome.

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