CaptainDad_final-cover-xs Captain Dad — The Manly Art of Stay-at-Home Parenting

Dave Barry calls it “very funny.” What more does anyone have to say? And Roz Chast calls it “hilarious” and “insightful.” Now you just have to buy it.

A few bits you’ve seen on the blog (if you’re a longtime reader), plus there’s a whole lot more you only wish you’d seen. All in a handsomely hardbound edition suitable for everyone on your Christmas list. Order it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound today!


Because I’m the Child Here and I Said So

This makes the perfect baby shower gift, since it’s all cartoons about parenting. Many are from The New Yorker, Reader’s Digest and America, but a lot are just for the book.

I drew 95% of the artwork with my first baby slung around my neck and my finger in her mouth as a pacifier. True story. I only had a few months’ Captain Dad experience by that time, but I had conceived the book as a guide for how I hoped to handle the job. I still use it that way. If I find that I’m doing anything that reminds me of any of the cartoons, I tell myself, “Stop doing that!” Shame is a powerful tool. Don’t be afraid to use it — even on yourself.

Find the book at, both in its original paperback version and in its nifty new Kindle version.

Dave Barry on Dads

Why am I flogging a Dave Barry book? Especially a little gift book barely two inches by two inches in size? Because I did the illustrations, that’s why. And it’s about dad stuff. And it’s Dave Barry, which is fun in its own right.

You can find it at


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I’ve also worked on some non-dadly books. Check these out too!

What Would Satan Do? Cartoons about right, wrong, and very, very wrong

This book contains many of my cartoons fromThe New Yorker, America Magazine and others, plus a bunch found nowhere else. It came out in October of 2005, but it’s often still available at at, where it has a 5-star rating — and not just out of one or two reviews either.

It’s “Hell-arious” — Entertainment Weekly

Eats, Shoots & Leaves — Illustrated Edition

by Lynne Truss

You may have a copy of this bestseller from a couple years ago, but it is so much better with pictures, don’t you think?

But don’t take my word for it, see Entertainment Weekly’s Holiday Gift Guide.





The Rejection Collection &

The Rejection Collection II—Cream of the Crap
— edited by Matt Diffee


I’m one of 30 contributing cartoonists to this one. You get a behind-the-scenes look at New Yorker cartoonists and see some of their funniest cartoons that never made it in The New Yorker. (PARENTING ALERT: It’s typically pretty easy to tell why The New Yorker passed on them, no matter how funny; so you may want to read it before you let your kids.) Find it at

The Best of the Rejection Collection
— edited by Matt Diffee

This is just what it sounds like, but with a couple bonus features. Again, PARENTING ALERT! Don’t leave this open for the kids to see. Keep it as your own guilty pleasure. In your bookstore or at