Event Alert: This Wednesday in Chicago…

I will be talking about my hair loss. And other sorts of loss one incurs while staying home to raise kids.

Wednesday, July 16, 7:30 PM
St. Gregory the Great Parish Center
5545 North Paulina Ave – Courtyard Entrance

The talk is hosted by St. Gregory the Great Young Adults as part of the Theology-on-Tap series. No, it’s not the old-school Catholicism that I grew up with, where “On Tap” meant there would be beer there (though you never know), but it is nevertheless a fine program out of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Hope to see some of you Wednesday!

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My Fathers Day Present

One thing you don’t get for Fathers Day when you’re a stay-at-home dad is a necktie. I kind of resent that, now that I see the words on paper. I mean, I like to get dressed up sometimes, don’t I? And a couple times a year, I actually need a tie.

But that wasn’t where I planned to go with that observation. The thing is, Fathers Day has come and gone, and my present was…

caregiver3All summer, all day, every day with my kids! I wouldn’t have time to tie a tie if I ever thought to wear one. I won’t have anything like blogging time either. But, like in summers past, I will try to keep up with some cartoons. Just so you can tell I’m surviving all the fun.

Have a great summer, everyone!