This one is simple. Don’t express anything in a way you wouldn’t advise your very young children. That is, keep it clean, be kind, don’t type with your mouth full, etc.

Guest Posting

The Captain Dad blog can’t compete with all the wonderful parenting blogs that provide wonderful parenting insights and information. What we can do is offer comic relief from the all of those wonderful parenting insights and information. And, of course, from parenting itself.

Toward that end, all prospective guest bloggers must be experienced humorists: comedians, comedy writers, cartoonists, satirists, improv artists, etc. And they must be writing on their own behalf, not as corporate flacks. Previously published work is accepted, especially if it’s excerpted from a larger work you are trying to promote. That’s the main business purpose of this blog.

Compensation: You get the same pay I get: a shot at self-promotion. At the start or end of your piece, we will plug your book, comic strip, show, blog, etc. Whatever it is that you, as a humorist, have to sell. But wait, there’s more.

Rights: You, the author, retain all rights to your work. But you retain more than that. I illustrate each guest blog post, like I do with all my own. While I retain the copyright to my art, I grant you license to use my illustration with your post anywhere else you subsequently publish it on the internet. If you do manage to pry some monetary compensation out of someone for it, all you owe me is the promise that you’ll buy someone a beer in my name. It could even be you, but preferably it will be me if ever the opportunity presents itself.

Content: Read the blog. There’s a tone. In a nutshell: There may be crazy things happening in the parenting world these days, and we may have fun joking about them here, but as long as people are actually engaged and trying their best to raise their kids, we are supportive. Ain’t no hating on anyone. Self-deprecation is generally a wise approach — in blogging as well as in parenting.


Thank you for your interest. There will hopefully come a time when I can accept advertising, but that time is not quite yet. The Captain Dad blog, silly as it is, does have a set of core values, basic as they are. And while it may sound absurd for a site that traffics in diaper jokes to have any standards, all potential advertising would have to be vetted for conflicts, direct or indirect, with those values and standards.

Right now I am too strapped for time to manage that vetting. I can afford the loss of a few bucks more than the loss of credibility.

But stay tuned. I’m hoping a time will come (soon) when I can afford to nurture both. I mean, there’s still college to pay for.


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