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The word is out, and look what people in the news are saying about Captain Dad!

About the Book

• The Lake Superior State University 2014 List of Banished Words quotes Captain Dad in support of banning the term, “Mr. Mom.”

• TV fun with the WGN Morning News team.

“Why This Stay-at-Home Dad Defends His Turf” reads the headline on Heidi Stevens‘s “Balancing Act” column in the Chicago Tribune. (You can also read it here if you hit the Trib’s paywall.)

Kirkus Reviews praises “The superhero approach to raising kids.”

• The first TV interview for the Captain Dad book belongs to Bill Zwecker of “Good Day Chicago” on FOX32 TV! Bill is the top entertainment and celebrity reporter in town, so it was quite a privilege. And a lot of fun. See it all here.

I chat with the irrepressible Turi Ryder on WGN Radio

I chat with Turi again on her national program, America Weekend.

Bill Zwecker writes a wonderfully long interview in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Shia Kapos and I talk family dynamics in her popular “Takes Names” column in Crain’s Chicago Business.

Zombie Parent’s Guide congratulates Captain Dad for “validating the difficulty of raising children in our world and the bemusement needed to deal with how the world looks at us parents, stay-at-home or not.”


About the Blog

• “That Mr. Byrnes is pointedly droll is no surprise. He is a contributing cartoonist to The New Yorker and creator of Captain Dad, a blog with a voice that is part Dave Barry, part Erma Bombeck and all Pat Byrnes, illustrator, cartoonist and social commentator.”

The New York Times

• Spring Break. Rick Kogan ask Captain Dad what parents do about kids on spring break, but Captain Dad’s five-year-old daughter steals the show!

WBEZ 91.5 FM Afternoon Shift

• “‘Captain Dad’ Finds The Funny In Parenting”
— Hear the whole interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation 

• The New Normal. ”Don’t call him Mr. Mom. Seriously. That’s all Pat Byrnes, of Chicago, asks. ‘I’m nobody’s substitute, and I’m doing this on purpose,’ he says” in this profile of “alternative” families. Like a man taking care of his kids is alternative. Go figure.

Parenting Magazine

• “This article introduced us to Captain Dad, and we can’t get enough. New Yorker cartoonist Pat Byrnes pens a stay-at-home dad blog—with awesome illustrations to boot.”

• What’s the Market Value For a Homemaker These Days? Eight Forty-Eight invited the Washington Post’s Janice D’Arcy, who writes the On Parenting blog, and Pat Byrnes, aka “Captain Dad” to crunch the numbers–and invite listeners to share their thoughts on the value of a homemaker.

WBEZ 91.5 FM Eight Forty-Eight

• “Pat Byrnes is many things: a trained rocket scientist, a cartoonist for The New Yorker, the husband of Illinois’ attorney general and…a blogging stay-at-home Dad. Mommy bloggers — meet your male counterpart: Captain Dad.”

The Jane Dough — Business News We Knead


About Other Stuff

And just to show that Captain Dad is a well rounded guy who does other things than change diapers and sweep crumbs, here are some other news items of Captain Dad doing less dadly things.

ABC7 News Feature on Smurks — Smurks is an iPhone/iPad app that lets a little face show emotions. It is helping those who have difficulty communicating their feelings due to their disabilities.
An Interview on Huffington Post — “Fear No Art” Host Elysabeth Alfano and I talk cartooning as part of her webcast video series on the arts.
From the Chicago Sun-Times — This may give some insight as to why I try to keep the blog family friendly. I’ve got a wife and a brother to answer to!
Double Duty for Smurks — Smurks started as a digital application to tag Facebook, Twitter and other posts with happy, sad or angry faces … Doctors are now using the application to work with children with autism spectrum disorder to help them better understand and recognize emotions.
Pat Byrnes interview on the [email protected] Talk Show — An extended interview with Pat Byrnes about Smurks, including its use in helping people with autism (24 min)
New Yorker cartoonist explains why he’s doing emoticon apps — Pat Byrnes is living the dream of all cartoonists, drawing with his sharp pen for The New Yorker … So what is his next big dream? Emoticons. Yeah, Smurks emoticons for iPhone, iPad and soon Android phones.
Sketching Pat Byrnes’ toonish path to ‘The New Yorker’ — From WBEZ-FM in Chicago, an “Eight Forty Eight” interview about his path to the funny pages and to talk more about his new App, Smurks.

One thought on “In the News

  1. Captain Dad;

    Your writing & illustrations are commendable, as a father of grown productive young people in society I totally get your role. My wife also let me take control of raising our children while she ran our small family business. She (wife) did / does the cooking, or the kids & I would have starved. It may not be a “trend” for fathers to be the “house husband”, but to me it was/ is the most psychologically rewarding job.
    Your niche in life outside of child rearing should be idealized by those that dramatize the task of bringing up our future in America. Thank you for your humor, but also serious outlook on today’s situations. Always like to see a proactive approach when so many use a reactive answear to a common sense situation.

    Take Care,


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